3rd International Workshop on Trait-based Approaches to Ocean Life

Time: 20.08.2017 - 23.08.2017
Location: Solstrand, Bergen, Norway

The Hjort Centre for Marine Ecosystem Dynamics in Bergen, Norway  is hosting the the third international workshop on Trait-based Approaches to Ocean Life. The workshop will be held in idyllic Solstrand outside Bergen. The aim of the workshop is;


  • to assess and continue the development of trait-based approaches in different fields of ecology and marine science,
  • facilitate cross-fertilization of ideas and progress between marine, terrestrial and limnology-based researchers and students,
  • use a novel, collaborative format to identify core emerging questions and issues relevant to the use of trait-based approaches,
  • to point out how these methods can be utilized to better understand marine ecosystem functioning and as a framework for marine ecosystem modelling


Further information on how to participate and apply is provided via the following link: