Director & coordinators

The coordinators help to facilitate the Hjort Centre as a multidisciplinary and creative research environment, as well as working with science plans and administrative issues.

Olav Sigurd Kjesbu
Tel.: +47 930 47 611
E-mail: olav.kjesbu@imr.no
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My main research interests are studies of reproductive and recruitment biology of marine species, in particular the implications of fundamental life history traits on population dynamics. In recent years my focus has evolved around trends in life history traits with relevance to recruitment success in a climatic perspective. A central approach in all my research has been to combine dedicated experimental and field studies to gain better insight. I have acted as research program or group leader over many years
Solfrid Sætre Hjøllo
E-mail: solfrid.hjollo@imr.no
Web page: Website

My research interests are high latitude oceanography and the coupling between climate and ecosystem at different scales in time and space. I develop and use coupled physical-biological modeling tools with a special emphasis on the lower trophic levels.
Christian Jørgensen
E-mail: christian.jorgensen@bio.uib.no
Web page: Website

My main interest lies with modelling life history evolution and behavioural ecology. Why do fish and zooplankton exhibit the behavioural and life history traits they do? How does environmental selection towards new behaviours or life histories? In particular I study fishing and climate as drivers of change.
Jessica Louise Ray
E-mail: jessicalouiseray@gmail.com
Web page: Website

My research interests lie in generating new knowledge about the structure and function of the marine microbial food web. I develop and employ molecular tools, including high-throughput sequencing and quantitative polymerase chain reaction, to study the abundance and diversity of different functional groups of microorganisms (viruses, phytoplankton, etc.) in the marine environment. I am also involved in the development of molecular tools to trace and quantify trophic interactions within the microbial tiers of the marine food web, as well as at the trophic interface between microbes and zooplankton, including fish larvae.
Annette Samuelsen
E-mail: annette.samuelsen@nersc.no
Web page: Website

My research interest is in the interaction between physical ocean processes and the marine ecosystem on lower trophic levels. I am particularly interested in the influence of mesoscale variability, such as eddies and fronts, on the ecosystem. I work with biogeochemical models as well as passive particle tracking studies and individual based models.
Jon Egil Skjæraasen
E-mail: jones@imr.no
Web page: Website

My research revolves primarily around mating systems and life-history adaptations and reproductive investment patterns in marine fishes. I strive to combine insights learned from detailed individual - level laboratory studies with large-scale field sampling and statistical modelling to look at population level effects of investigated phenomena.
Silje Elisabeth Seim
E-mail: silje.elisabeth.seim@imr.no
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I work as a supervisor for the Hjort Centre; organizing and arranging workshops, seminars etc. My main tasks are field work and analyzing data in the Demersal Fish Group.
Selina Våge
Tel.: +47 55 58 44 57
E-mail: Selina.Vage@bio.uib.no
Web page: Website

I am interested in structure- and diversity-generating mechanisms in the microbial part of the pelagic food web. Using idealized models with incorporated trade-offs between different life strategies, I study how control mechanisms may act similarly at different trophic levels, potentially giving the basis for a fractal-like organization of the pelagic food web.
Gunnar Sætra
Site Editor
Tel.: +4791611414
E-mail: gunnar.saetra@imr.no
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I work as Communication Adviser at IMR and in the Hjort Centre I edit the web site.