Jarl Giske
Chairman of Board/Professor
E-mail: jarl.giske@bio.uib.no
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My research is focused on understanding behavioral decisions, and to model populations with behavior. Behavior is almost always influenced by many factors simultaneously, mathematical modeling may therefore be a necessary tool to understand the events and the processes. Evolution has formed the sensory system so that the organism may respond adaptively to stimuli, and formed the emotion systems to be the major instruments in animals for evaluation of the sensory information, and choice of adequate behavior. The behavioral architecture of the emotion system may again have consequences for genetic diversity, and hence on population evolvability.
Johnny Johannessen
Panel member of Board/Director
E-mail: johnny.johannessen@nersc.no
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I have 30 years experience in satellite remote sensing in oceanography and sea ice research. In particular, I have focused on the use of satellite observations to advance the understanding of upper ocean dynamics and mesoscale processes. In the last 15 years I have has also been involved in development and implementation of operational oceanography both at national and international level including the gradual European Marine Service under the EC Copernicus initiative.
Geir Huse
Panel member/Research director
E-mail: Geirh@imr.no
Web page: Website

I have worked extensively in developing and utilizing individual based models, in particular utilizing novel adaptive techniques to incorporate behavioural and life history decisions into individual based models. Spatial fish ecology has been another key interest area where I have worked on several problems related to horizontal distribution and migration in fishes both in relation to stock demography, predator-prey interactions and oceanographic processes.
Klaus Johannsen
Panel member of Board/Research director
E-mail: klaus.johannsen@uni.no
Web page: Website

My interests are numerical and computational sciences, scientific computing, data analysis and e-infrastructure design and management. With a background from theoretical physics and applied mathematics, I have been working with complex numerical simulations and bifurcation analysis applied to engineering problems. In the recent years, I got interested in a posteriori analysis of complex scientific results and the design of appropriate e-infrastructures.