Workshop: Future research on climate impacts

Time: 2017.02.22 09:00 - 13:00
Location: IMR/Skuten, C Sundts gate 64, 4. floor

The Norwegian Research Council Large-scale Programme on Climate Research KLIMAFORSK is a potential funding source for Hjort centre relevant science, and in 2017 an advertisement on  "Improve knowledge about the impacts of climate change on nature and society" is expected.

We would like to invite all Hjort centre members to a half-day workshop focused on environmental topics related to climate change impacts, with the aims to

- foster contact between scientist within/at the different partner institutions

- present ideas& interest with potential for developing new KLIMAFORSK relevant projects

- establish concrete project writing teams

Preliminary program:

- The KLIMAFORSK program; introduction and news,

by Prof Tore Furevik, Bjerknes Center for Climate Research and Deputy Chair KLIMAFORSK program. 

- Presentation of challenges & ideas from participants

- Discussions & workshop summary

We urge all participants to present ideas, especially in collaboration with colleagues at another partner institution. Please register within  FEB 1 to Silje Seim.

Indicate title of presentation and possible co-speaker for presentation.

For questions please contact workshop organizers Solfrid Sætre Hjøllo  or Annette Samuelsen