Challenging the scientific legacy of Johan Hjort: Is it time for a new paradigm shift in marine research?

Time: 2019.06.12 - 2019.06.14
Location: Hotel Scandic City Bergen, Bergen, Norway

In June 2019 we will celebrate the 150-year anniversary of Johan Hjort (1869-1948), who introduced the fundamental theory for current fisheries science with his concepts of the roles played by strong and weak year classes in population structure and productivity.

. Since then a wide range of new methods and approaches have emerged to refine Hjort’s theory, but today’s knowledge of factors regulating stock dynamics (e.g. recruitment and migration dynamics) is still vague and thereby makes stock projections highly uncertain. Moreover, today’s holistic views, including ecosystem approaches to fisheries and on-going changes in the marine environment, imply transdisciplinary co-operation and thereby broadening of standard routines in stock management programs. In order to be able to move forward, the current situation asks for a dedicated search for new ideas and a new scientific framework. To stimulate and explore new directions forward in a free and creative atmosphere, in the spirit of Hjort, we invite marine researchers and historians of marine science to gather in this Bergen symposium, at the same place where Hjort launched his paradigm-changing publication in 1914.     

(Reception on the evening of the 11.06.19.)