About us

The Hjort Centre of Marine Ecosystem Dynamics, is a research cluster between the Institute of Marine Research, University of Bergen, Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center, and Uni Research Ltd, Bergen. Together the four partners in the Hjort Centre along with the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research represent one of the largest knowledge hubs within marine research in the world. The Centre with its over 100 members, has broad expertise within a wide range of marine disciplines and is an active partner in global networks of experts. 

The Hjort Centre is named after the first director of the Institute of Marine Research (1900-1916), Dr.philos. Johan Hjort (1869-1948), who, in addition to his wide-ranging, ground-breaking marine research also appreciated the important management and societal implications of healthy and productive oceans.   

A set of well-defined societal needs form the platform for the research activities within the Centre. These specifically emphasize that humans, according to (FAO, 2006), derive only 2% of their food from the ocean (6.5% in terms of protein (FAO, 2014)), although the ocean accounts for 50% of Earth's biological production. With a growing human population we need to utilize more of our marine living marine resources, which must occur in a fully sustainable manner. To be able to do so, a comprehensive understanding of the complex nature of marine ecosystems is needed, including their productivity changes and indirect and direct influences of future climate change (Hoegh-Guldberg et al. 2014). In line with this the Hjort Centre conducts multi-disciplinary research of natural and human-induced changes in marine ecosystems.